It goes without saying that OMS is VCU and NEN4400-1 certified. We also have all other required certifications and we are a member of the NBBU.


OMS oil movement operators have VCA, ADN/ADR H1.3 and emergency response assistant certificates as well as clear criminal records checks. We also check the validity and authenticity of the qualifications of all our employees and we keep copies of the files. We organise regular in-house training courses. Employees of our clients are welcome to join these training courses. In fact, we encourage it!

Toolbox meetings
At OMS, safety is our number one priority, and we know from experience that it is important to update existing knowledge from time to time. This is why we regularly organise toolbox meetings. We do this either in-house or at our client’s site. This way, our workers are always up to date with the latest developments of safety. What’s more, the meetings are a great opportunity to communicate with fellow professionals in an informal atmosphere.